Appointment Information

Call our office at 609-231-3569 if you want to see a therapist. During the intake, be prepared to provide us with your address and contact numbers, your date of birth, and your insurance information. If you are calling from a doctor’s office or you are making an appointment for someone else, please have all this information ready.

Reception hours:

Monday9AM - 5PM
Tuesday9AM - 5PM
Wednesday9AM - 5PM
Thursday9AM - 5PM
Friday9AM - 1PM


When you schedule your first appointment, you will be sent a link to our client portal where you can fill out all the necessary paperwork online.

However, if you prefer to fill out the paperwork with pen and paper, the following files can be downloaded for your convenience. If you have a printer available, you can complete the Client Information forms at home. This will allow more time to be spent in therapy during your first appointment.

Adult Client Information Paperwork

Non-Adult Client Information Paperwork

Privacy Policies

You can also request us to mail you hard copies of our forms or to email you soft copies. Just give us a call at 609-231-3569. Of course, you can arrive early for your first appointment and fill out the forms prior to your scheduled appointment. Allow yourself about 15 minutes.

Your Privacy

We want to reassure you that all written and spoken information related to services provided by us is held in strict confidence. We do not provide information to any third party without prior written authorization from you, unless legal exceptions apply. If you want us to release information to a third party (e.g., an attorney, insurance company to obtain reimbursement, etc.) we need your written request to do so. Read more in our Privacy Policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding appointments, whether we can help you, and our office location.

How do I know if you can help me?
Just call us (609-231-3569). We would be happy to discuss your situation. If we cannot help you, we will let you know and refer you to a therapist that can.

What is psychotherapy and how can it help?
At a very basic level, psychotherapy is an assessment of the client’s situation and strengths. From that assessment, an action plan is developed to help the client find relief and/or empowerment. However, psychotherapy is much more than that. Rather than duplicate the wonderful information available from the American Psychological Association (APA), please go to our Therapy page, where we provide a list of resources available from the APA.

How long are appointments?
Depending on treatment needs, the length of time may vary. In most cases, though, appointments are typically 45-50 minutes. However, your first appointment may be up to 75 minutes long.

Where is Ocean Point Counseling?
We are located at 1228 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey. See our Contact page for information and maps to our offices.

Who do I contact for an appointment?
Call our offices at 609-231-3569 during normal working hours, 9a-5p, Monday through Friday. A receptionist can assist you then. After office-hours, you may leave a message. If you have an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Do you accept insurance?
We accept Medicare and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ and are in the process of adding a few more insurance companies. For all other insurances, we are an “out-of-network” provider. Most insurance plans do provide reimbursement for out-of-network providers. If you would like, we will submit health care claims to your insurance company. Or, we will provide you with a receipt and you can submit the claim. You should be aware that your insurance company will require you to pay your annual deductible before they pay for any non-preventative health care services (whether in-network or out-of-network).

What are your fees?
Individual therapy is $200, couple counseling is $250 per session. If you cannot afford this, call the office. We will try to work with you on fees.

Do you accept credit cards?
We do accept all major credit cards.

Do you accept Health Spending Account (HSA) cards?
We do accept HSA cards.