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Appointment Information

Call our office at 609-231-3569 if you want to see a therapist. During the intake, be prepared to provide us with your address and contact numbers, your date of birth, and your insurance information. If you are calling from a doctor’s office or you are making an appointment for someone else, please have all this information ready.

Client appointment hours:

    Monday: 9AM – 5PM
    Tuesday: 9AM – 5PM
    Wednesday:     9AM – 5PM
    Thursday:     9AM – 5PM
    Friday: 9AM – 1PM

We also have an affiliation with Main Street Counseling in Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania. Click here to visit the Main Street Counseling website.

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding appointments, whether we can help you, and our office location.

Frequently Asked Questions: